An Eyeshadow by any other Name Will Look Just as Nice: Inglot vs. MAC

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I trust you all had a great week :-).

So, this week we’re going to discuss another dupe- Again, for those of you who don’t know what a dupe is, it’s simply a nickname for a “duplicate.” Everyone loves a good dupe, especially when you can get the same quality (or better) for just a fraction of the price of a department store brand… But here’s what’s interesting: This particular dupe is not from a drugstore, yet the price is comparable to it and it is a fav (favorite) among makeup junkies and artists alike.

Inglot Cosmetics was developed and established by the late Polish chemist and businessman, Wojciech Inglot. It is a world-renowned makeup brand, with almost 400 stores in over 50 countries. This makeup is worn by runway models, broadway and television actors.

While this brand of makeup can be seen on TV, it is very attainable. The shadow that I’m discussing in today’s entry is an amber/coppery color, Inglot shade 606 P, that retails for USD $7. How’s that for an internationally known makeup brand?!

Check out the video below to hear celebrity makeup artist, Mathias Alan’s review on Inglot eyeshadows:

I compared Inglot’s 606 P to MAC Cosmetics (also known as Makeup Artist Cosmetics, a parent company of another renowned makeup brand, Estee Lauder) Amber Lights eyeshadow that retails between USD $10 and $16 (tax included), and is described by MAC as a “peachy-brown with shimmer”.

I did a side-by-side comparison of both shades on my hand

MAC Amber lights (left), INGLOT 606 P (right) in natural light


MAC Amber lights and INGLOT 606 P swatched in artificial light


MAC Amber lights and INGLOT 606 P swatched wet in artificial light


MAC Amber lights (left) INGLOT 606 P (right)


Both shades look VERY similar. I think even more so in person than the photos. It’s virtually hard to tell the difference between the color. Now the texture of both shades, on the other hand, is a bit of a different story. Inglot 606 P, as the “P” indicates, has a pearl-like finish whereas Amber lights has a metallic-like finish. The difference between pearl and metallic? Well, I would describe it like this: the pearl-like texture has a subtle sheen. It’s like extremely refined sparkles, more like powdered sparkles. The metal finish, has a very intense sheen and looks like foil.

Tina of the Fancy Face blog, talks about several different textures of eyeshadows in depth. If you’d like to learn more, check out this link:


While Amber lights delivers an intense sheen, it takes just a little more work when applying compared to Inglot’s 606 P. The Inglot eyeshadow has a silkier application, it’s almost effortless. Also, Inglot contains 0.04 more ounces than MAC shadows, as you can see in the last picture (MAC 0.05 oz., Inglot 0.09) and it retails for USD $7 +tax. MAC on the other hand is a little more money, depending on whether you buy the refill shadow pans for USD $10 +tax (the shadows used to create a custom palette found only online and in MAC Pro stores) or the shadows that are sold individually for $16.

I hope that today’s entry helped you in your shopping endeavors :). Until next time, happy shopping Lovelies!


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